Importance of Labor Time in the Game Industry

By   2019-11-17

It should be ensured that the games are addressed to all kinds of players instead of a definite group. This requires great handiwork and arrangement. The width of the planned areas should be worked with workers who really know their jobs so that the gamers feel themselves inside the atmosphere and focus during the game. With the inexperienced crew, the duration of the game production might be extended, the costs might upturn, and unwanted unfortunate events can occur at that time.

What is the advantage of online games compared to single games?
 Most producer companies now look at whether the game is online or not instead of a script-based game. They think that they can make more profits if it’s an online game. However, this strategy will bring the end of the script-based games. With less expense and less time, the era of high-profit online games seems to have begun partially.

Is the Story Important in Gaming?

By   2019-11-17

Video games are liked and played by everyone. Nonetheless, people who mind the quality of the game are few. For instance, you are watching a movie and you are getting bored in the first 20 minutes then you should know that you are watching a bad movie. This same feeling counts for video games. You get bored of a game that doesn't have a fluent storyline because the game gives you nothing. That's why if you want to play a good game, you had better consider its story.

Relieves your stress level and makes you happier

We can't say that for every game with a plot of course but games with scenarios could make us forget about our stress and start feeling better. Because you can get lost in the story of the game, and have fun at the same time. Unhappily, games with quality scenarios are not being released as there are few companies left that produce them. This is why, today, there are a lot fewer players who play story games.

Importance of Scripts in Games

By   2019-11-17

Scripts are used for nearly everywhere in our lives such as films, tv-series or even in theaters. It helps to give the message to the audience or receiver. In the game sector, we also use that scripts to give the main messages to the players throughout cut-scenes and dialogues.

The Scenario of the Game

The producer of the game must create the script with the help of an expert person, otherwise, the scenario of the game can be very normal and may take a very short time. It may be challenging for the producer to add reality to the script and it can be very hard for him because the producer may want the game to progress in an imaginative way. Each player loves the touch of reality in the game. The scenario of the game should never be used in the online mode because players always want to do what they want in the online version of the game. They just want to be free and roaming in the server.

Fake Scenarios

The scenario of the game should not have been applied before for certain and it should be different because the stolen scenarios always make bad impressions. While the game is in the producing phase, the script that could be stolen makes great rumors for your game and the rumor that scenario of the game is stolen is very difficult to be erased for the players. It also affects the profit of the game as well.

Dubbing in the Game Industry

By   2019-11-17

Dubbing is important for the Gaming Industry because there are cut scenes in every game and they are like a cut scene from movies and tv series. Thus, we need to use dubbing in this sector as well. On the other hand, gamers also might want to hear the voice of their favorite actor or actress in their favorite game. This situation makes the game more crucial for its users. The sound is as important as graphics in a game.

The Importance of Sound in Computer Games

In the virtual world, it is of great importance that not only the visual effect is not sufficient, but also the visuality that is supported by the sounds. The sound quality in the games is also an important factor for the game to be sold and downloaded and played by a large group. Even so; most people are familiar with the sound of a game and the effect it uses in the game. For this reason, the sound could also be used for giving the feeling of trust to the game and its producers.If it's a combat game, the noisy cannon or rifle sounds allow the person to feel that feeling and feel the game at the same time. If there are some elements of fear in the game, a vocal effect will support the image. According to research, neither the sound nor the image is sufficient by solo. According to this situation, which is also valid in the cinema sector, it is a fact that sound elements are also dealt with as much as the images. Because how we can't taste any horror movie when we watch it in silent mode, this is the same for a game that doesn't have some sound effects.

Details in Video Games

By   2019-11-15

Character Modeling

The most required and time killing first part of the game environment is absolutely the 3D modeling section. Sometimes we wait months or even years for a game that we really want to play for hours but the people working in the background of the game know the difficulties of making a new 3D game for the gamers. The graphic designer who design the objects and models that make us feel like we are inside the remarkable atmosphere are the ones who spend their time for this job. The more impressive the graphics are and atmosphere of the game, the greater the amount of time we spent on the game.

Game Programming

Many of the factors that we see in the games, such as the bars of life, the bullets of the guns or the movements of the characters, are actually made by programming. These are some of the details that require plenty of time and patience. If we want a quality and realistic game, we can say that there is definitely a benefit in the long run.

Importance of Graphics for Video Games

By   2019-11-15

In the video game industry, the location of the graphics is precisely crucial. The producers, who are now getting very close to have a real-like shapes, will be looking at graphics which resemble photo frames soon. Graphics make the game better for the gamers’ eyes and this situation is getting

Aurora Graphics Engine

Maybe the least known graphic engine would be the Aurora Engine. This engine is often used in RPG games. According to its release date, this engine has quite stunning graphics beyond its time.

Id Tech 3 Graphics Engine

So, this engine is quite old when its compared to the previous one. It came out in 2003 and also, it is the one of the longest-running gaming engines in the game sector and it have left a huge impact on game industry as well.

Why do we play video games?

By   2019-11-15

People need video games in their lives to relieve their stress and have fun a little bit. There are a few games which somebody enjoys every second of it, while other people only play for passing their times. In early 80’s, there were some games on the streets like hide and seek, hopscotch, jump rope and football but now, computer and video game consoles take their places. Even today’s teenagers participate in this matter day by day. With advancement of technology, the development of video games, appealing to the eye and attracting some attention draws gamers. It is very logical for the basketball player who is fond of basketball to be taken to the graphics of the latest version of it. Besides, teenagers who are in high school and collage are fond of strategy and war games. In this way, these teenagers tend to spend their time and enjoy all together.

Also, video games are so important for everybody because it becomes a need like necessary needs such as feeling of hunger or need for shelter. To fulfill that need, we need to give some time on games to relax just a little bit in every day. In leisure time, occupation of time has a very important place in human life so people choose to play video games to occupy themselves with the activities that they like most in time.