Why do we play video games?

By   2019-11-15

People need video games in their lives to relieve their stress and have fun a little bit. There are a few games which somebody enjoys every second of it, while other people only play for passing their times. In early 80’s, there were some games on the streets like hide and seek, hopscotch, jump rope and football but now, computer and video game consoles take their places. Even today’s teenagers participate in this matter day by day. With advancement of technology, the development of video games, appealing to the eye and attracting some attention draws gamers. It is very logical for the basketball player who is fond of basketball to be taken to the graphics of the latest version of it. Besides, teenagers who are in high school and collage are fond of strategy and war games. In this way, these teenagers tend to spend their time and enjoy all together.

Also, video games are so important for everybody because it becomes a need like necessary needs such as feeling of hunger or need for shelter. To fulfill that need, we need to give some time on games to relax just a little bit in every day. In leisure time, occupation of time has a very important place in human life so people choose to play video games to occupy themselves with the activities that they like most in time.